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muay thai

Muay thai classes in cambridge, MA

Our classes are taught by professional who know and understand the science of fighting, but more importantly, know how to pass that knowledge down to you!

jeet kune do

jeet kune do class in action in cambridge, MA

Students training in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program will gain increased strength, conditioning, humility and learn to go beyond their perceived limitations.

kickboxing bootcamp

woman in kickboxing bootcamp in cambridge, MA

Muay Thai training will challenge students to go beyond their expectations and provide them with self-respect, discipline, and a "never quit" attitude.

kids programs

children martial art classes in cambridge, MA

The Kali curriculum at Tri State Martial Arts Academy follows the teaching methodologies of Guro Dan Inosanto, considered the world's leading authority.


American Martial Arts Center in Cambridge, MA

Welcome aboard the AMAC GYM! The American Martial Arts Center has been teaching Men, Women and Children Martial arts in Boston, the Greater Cambridge, Belmont, Waltham, Newton And Watertown area for over 30 years!

We specialize in practical self-defense only! If IT DOESNT WORK IN THE RING, CAGE OR STREET we wont be wasting time on it in our class. We are a very Americanized version of martial arts and draw heavily on the arts of Muay Thai ,Brazilian Jiujitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Filipino Martial Arts, American Combat , Western Boxing and Bruce Lees ART OF JEET KUNE DO because of thier simpicity and practicality.

All of our courses are taught in a fun ,age appropriate and SAFE manner! We make sure all classes are supervised and ALL STUDENTS must wear approved safety gear in order to participate and we always keep students paired off by ability ,size and belt rank for further safety.

Although we do have students that compete, 90 % of those we teach are beginners and have no desire to compete! Most want to train like a fighter and get into the best shape of his/her life without the risk of injury. We have men and women that are elementary school teachers, doctors, lawyers, contractors, nurses, waitresses and house wives currently training with us so give us a call now! Stop procrastinating ,it doesn't matter what shape your in, or how old you are, man, women or child give us a call to get started Today! You will have Fun ,Get in GREAT SHAPE and learn some valuable self-defense skills that could save your life! We have taught many Celebrities, Pro Football, and NHL Hockey players as well as Local, State and FEDERAL Law Enforcement Personnel. We have also worked with most branches of the U.S MILITARY as well.

Our Award Winning children's Martial arts Programs concentrate on building Confidence, Discipline and Respect while having Fun learning practical self-defense! We try to break the shy kids out of their bubble and calm down the wild unfocused ones by keeping discipline in the class! The AMAC incorporates STRANGER DANGER, DRUG AVOIDANCE and the 911 Emergency SYSTEM into all our Little Dragons Children's Martial arts (ages 3-6) ,Tigers Children's Martial arts (ages 7-10) AND Teens Martial arts (11-16 years old) Programs! If you think our instructors are great on the floor you should see them at our AWESOME MARTIAL ARTS BIRTHDAY PARTIES! We set up the party at the GYM and highlight the birthday boy/girl as a helper to teach their friends some basic martial arts , dodge ball, wrestling, games, etc then we cut the cake (with a sword) and eat! we supply all the paper goods and fun, as well as the clean up! We run a very disciplined class students are expected to be in a clean uniform, listen attentively to instructors and stay in line when its not their turn !We also have a sign off sheet that all students must have signed by our staff, their parents and their teacher stating that they are meeting all expectations at home in school and at the gym in order to get promoted to the next belt level !So unlike most schools we do not give out belts they must EARN THEM HERE!

The new AMAC gym boasts a regulation size kickboxing ring, 3: 6foot thai bags, top and bottom bag, 2 thai style uppercut boxes, thai pole bag, thai style knee bags, punch mitts, thai pads, belly pads, kicking shields and a huge matted floor covered with zebra MMA mats! More equipment is always coming in. We also have a fully stocked pro shop featuring twins muay thai gear, rev gear, title boxing, bad boy and venom fight gear!

So whether your child need to get in shape, gain focus, or get discipline we have a course for you so call now to take advantage of our FREE WEEK CLASS!

FOR information about our AWARD WINNING Kids Martial arts Program (Dragons, Tigers ,Teens) or to try out our ADULT PROGRAMS: KICKBOXING BOOT CAMP, MUAY THAI, MIXED MARTIAL ARTS or JKD URBAN COMBAT give us a call TODAY! We also teach private one on one lessons for those to busy to get in during group class times and small groups perfect for companies and small groups.