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We are Moving

As of June 1st,  AMAC GYM will be moving into 36 Spinelli Place in  Cambridge, MA.  Go past Belmont High School to your 1st light and then your 1st left .  Building  is on right hand side of the street.

Over the last 25+ years we have proven that children as young as 3 years old can be taught basic punches, kicks, wrestling skills, and self defense techniques if they are taught in a fun and age appropriate manner. In order to achieve this we keep our curriculum fun and exciting while simultaneously teaching discipline and listening skills.r age children are more willing to try new things and we feel this is a great time to start building a Child’s self-confidence. We think that all parents will agree that a confident child is more apt to do well at home, in school, and in other sports/activities. We here at the A.M.A.C strive to help your children be the best they can! So why wait? The earlier we start the greater the benefits to the student.
Our Teen program offers the perfect mix of discipline with the freedom that teen boys and girls enjoy. This class is a little less structured than our Tiny Tigers program but Respect and Discipline are still stressed! We focus only on the practical aspects of self-defense with the Teens. They will work on all areas. Punching, kicking, trapping, grappling, weapons, flexibility, etc. We think of the Teen Program as a stepping stone to the Adult Program. The curriculum of our Teen Program is actually more advanced than some other schools adult programs!

This fast paced and challenging class is perfect for teens that need a positive influence in their life! The cardiovascular workout is proven to help in weight loss and guaranteed to get your teen in better shape!



Thank you to all who attended our Halloween Party and Buddy Days this year - it was great fun!!!


"While I'm very satisfied with the level of instruction my son is receiving in Bobby's progressive system, what we both think is great, is that it's a family affair at AMAC. Bobby's son and daughter often work alongside him and his other instructors. We too believe that the family that plays together, thrives together!"

-Cecil Cox


"We have known Bobby Giordano for more than five years and four of our children now attend classes at the AMAC. Bobby has done a fantastic job working with each of our children to help them progress at their own speed. Not only has Bobby taught our children greater self-confidence, discipline, and respect, but he has also pushed them to improve their physical strength and coordination. Bobby develops an individual relationship with each child and knows how to bring out the best in everyone."

-Erica and Harlan Carere


Dear Bobby

 I just want to thank you so much for getting isabella into the karate at Belmont day. We have really noticed a pick up In her confidence and she really values the time she has with you. She asks every day if she has karate "tomorrow". I want to extend a very big personal thank you.

Hope to see you soon, Michelle

We guarantee your child will have a more positive attitude within 60 days.

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